Let Canadian Closet maximize your closet spaceCanadian Closet offers a FREE, no obligation, in-home consultation with one of our masterful designers. To give you the best assessment and design, we need to see the space and then we can quote your storage solution properly. We do not charge for this value added service.

Our team of dedicated professionals will ensure an effortless experience from beginning to end. We know you are busy. We strive to have the entire design and installation completed in one day. On average we complete 1 to 5 closets in a home. Please note, if you are a condominium owner, some conditions apply.

There are just three simple steps between you and the closet you’ve always wanted.

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STEP 1: You, Your Space & Making it Work

The in-home visit allows our masterful design consultant to assess your space and help you “re-imagine” it in a new, more functional way. Asking questions like: What frustrates you most about the current design? What would you like to do differently? Do you require more hanging space or shelving space? will help them identify your goals for that space. With goals and measurements in hand they will provide you with a sketch and quote of the unit(s) necessary to meet your needs. Your quote includes removal of existing shelves and hardware in the space as well as the installation of your new custom designed and built storage solution.

For standard type closets we are able to provide you with a quote at the time of this consultation. For designs that are more involved we may require up to 48 hours to provide the quote.

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STEP 2: Building and Installation

Once your design and quote are approved, we can schedule an installation date within 2 weeks. Our consultant and installation team work seamlessly with local manufacturers to guarantee every project happens on time and on budget using the finest and most environmentally responsible materials available. Prior to the installation date we will call to confirm the date and time our installers will arrive. We will advise you of anything you need to do before our arrival. The installer will offer quick, efficient and polite services and will be happy to answer any questions regarding the care that may be needed, how to adjust shelves, etc.

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STEP 3: Gratification

You get to sit back and enjoy, knowing that everything is where you want it to be and nicely displayed. Think of all the time you will save! No more searching endlessly for something. No more frustration. No more stress. We will follow up with you shortly after your installation to ensure you are happy with your new storage unit. In the future, if you find that you would like to add more drawers, shelves, or hanging rods to your unit, we would be more than happy to help you adapt as your space serving needs change. If you are so thrilled with our service and product that you rave to your friends, be sure to ask about our client referral program.

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At Canadian Closet, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Please contact us if you have any additional questions at

We are proudly Canadian owned and operated. Canadian Closet is devoted to helping you “envision” your space in a way that fits your home and simplifies your life.