Welcome to Canadian Closet: Raising the Bar on Standard Closets


Canadian Closet: Raising the BarTimes have changed and so have closet needs. We have outgrown the simple wooden bar and a few hangers. We want space that works with our daily routine and not our outdated clutter. Frustrating, dysfunctional closet space does not fit into our highly creative, multi-tasking lifestyles.

You can start your day without having to scramble though frustrating piles trying to find the one thing you are looking for. Canadian Closet can create a place for everything and then everything is in its place.

Canadian Closet provides creative storage solutions that are professionally installed. We demand the most of your space with functional solutions that maximize your space and save you time. You get the most value out of your closet.


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Advantages of Canadian Closet

  • Our goal is to synchronize you with your space, to work together in the best possible way. We create a great closet to work the way you do.
  • A flexible, adjustable closet that changes as you and your needs change throughout your life.
  • A FREE, no obligation, custom consultation helps you determine the best use of your storage space. We work with your current storage solutions and the way you deal with your clothing, looking at ways to get the best value and time from your storage space. Let go of time wasted searching.
  • An overall storage consultation means re-evaluating what you put where and how to use the space you have in your home to the greatest advantage. It could be that some things in one closet would work better in a different one. Let us help you sort it all out.

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We want to hear your success stories. Please send us a picture and let us know how much you are enjoying your new closet space. We are proud to be Canadian owned and operated and knowing we made a difference in your life is important to us.  admin@canadiancloset.org